Fyourlimit Project

The mission is quite simple: to allow everybody to become an Water addicted.
Your level, your disabilities, your age does not matter, my only hope is to help other people to Unlock their mind.



Fabio Secci
Class 82
From Sardinia - Now leaving in UK
Water addicted & crazy Digital Geek
Surfer, wakesurfer, wakeboarder as hobby

Project run in collaboration & support of:

2018 Story challenges


Collaboration with Surf Steps

Moving down in Bournemouth gave the opportunity to meet new friend and people who loved to collaborate with Fyourlimit project....
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Collaboration with Surf Steps

New Identity for Fyourlimit

  After almost two years, it was time to change a bit the vision & identity of Fyuourlimit project. The...
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New Identity for Fyourlimit