ISA Adaptive World Championship 2018



Another awesome adventure in California at the ISA Adaptive World Championship.
10 days surrounded by good vibes, enjoying warm water, sunny days and catching waves with friends.

I am quite happy for my result also if I did not pass the first round.

I learned a lot during these days and bring up my confidence surfing with a decent size of wave.

Not it is time to be back home and work in some different things i need to improve to get better.

Thanks to everyone who supported this experience, starting from Sergio who stand next to us all these days organising everything and saving more than one time our axx..

All the team who did a great job kipping high the good vibes.

The Italian's fans here in Cali and around the world for all the support.

Alps, Blatchford to support me in this journey with prosthetic and knee sleeve.

See you next year California!

Here few waves during my two heats.